“We decided to put this in our home while we were still under construction and could not be more please on how this has worked out.

We don’t have problems with allergies; we have 4 pets. We don’t have pet odors. Our food is lasting longer and we love the results.”

-Craig G

Due to scheduling issues, I actually didn’t have my equipment installed in my HVAC System, as recommended and just plugged it in & set it up high on my cabinets, and within 24 hours I noticed a considerable difference in my house plants, thriving more than usual! My food on the counter stays fresh longer, the left overs in my refrigerator last longer, I rarely have to dust any more, everything stays cleaner. I have had people in my home that have had Covid & I have not contacted it, not even a sniffle, nothing!!!! I am amazed!!!!! I also take the Pure Air Box traveling with me and notice a significant difference in hotel/timeshare room odors within just a few hours!!! THEY’RE GONE!!!!! The Carryion is a device I tuck away and bring out when I am at my gym, at a restaurant, in a movie theater, in my car, when I am on a plane in an Uber, etc. It gives me the satisfaction & security of knowing I am safe from all contaminates and anyone who may be ill!!!!!!


After Installing MD Air EnviroPure in my home I notice that the fruit and vegetables stayed fresher longer, even the ones in the refrigerator. I bring the portable Carryion everywhere I go and especially notice a gigantic difference in the car where there are smokers!!! NO ODORS!! NO CIGARETTE SMELL!!! Traveling quite a bit, I bring the Pure Air Box to the different Air B & B’s and different hotel rooms, and can smell a huge clean difference right after I walk in & plug it in.


With the MD Air EnviroPure in my kitchen I feel safer having friends over to socialize, and less worried about Covid-19. I’ve also noticed the air feels cleaner and cooking odors are eliminated.


PURE Air box from MD Air my experience:

Thanksgiving Holiday 2021. My 6 month old puppy and I traveled from Gilbert Arizona to Northern California. First stop Zephyr Cove Nev. A beautiful resort with many amenities including SMELLS, GERMS, from people and food. I plugged in the pure box and within minutes the room was clean and clear of smells and germs.

I had three rooms booked for all my friends and we did a progressive Thanks giving party, I hosted the main meal in my room and we made a wonderful prime rib, I had forgot to check the oven as the juices had run off onto the bottom of the oven. The next morning when we went to use the oven for breakfast the entire room filled with smoke and polluted the air. Within 15 minutes or less the Pure Air box cleared the smell and room was clean and free once again.

Second stop Newcastle California visit family. My Stepmom is very concerned with COVID and visitors coming into her home, much less a new puppy.

Having my new puppy I was concerned her dog smell and hair was going to be a concern to bring her into the house. I explained and showed my family the Pure Air Box and asked if I could plug in to show them how it works.

I plugged in the pure box once again and within minutes my family could smell and experience the power of the Pure Air box, as the device removes all germs, smells instantly. They have two dogs and the smell of the animals were gone. Their family TV-Cat room had the worst smell of all, they keep the door closed at all times for that reason. My step sister Catherine said let’s put the Pure Air box in the CAT ROOM… We did and again within minutes the Cat smell was gone.

Third stop Woodland California, visit with my friend and her 2 boys. Yep once again I plugged in the Pure Air box and away the smells and germs. Her boy’s room’s smell well you know like “BOYS” yikes. We put Pure Air box into each room closed the door and allowed the BOX to clean the room. Yes once again the rooms were clean and free of any odors.

I highly recommend the Pure Air Box as I believe is an accentual product for my health.

Thank you MD Air