The Pure Air Box


The Pure Air Box (PAB22K) is designed to sanitize surfaces and improve indoor air quality by dealing with indoor air and surface pollutants in a proactive way. The Pure Air Box (PAB22K) produces aggressive ionized hydroxyl oxidizers and uniquely advanced multi-cluster ionization is then distributed throughout the office or home.
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The Pure Air Box has one of the most advanced and versatile indoor air purification systems on the market today.

Advanced Technologies:

1). Needlepoint Ionization
2). Electrostatic Filtration
3). Advanced Photo Catalytic Oxidation Cell
4). Exclusive Supercharged Cell

Along with the advanced technologies, this indoor environmental purification system offers a unique fan driven technology with no filter replacement necessary. Take it on the go; plug and play!

  • Cube Dimensions:  7″x7″
  • Set on a shelf or cabinet
  • Covers 22 thousand cubic feet of indoor space

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