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Weight: 8 lbs

  • The HVAC mounted 24K/40K is designed as the first fully customizable probe to provide the power you need for the environment your in.
  • The Probe produces aggressive ionized oxidizers and multi-cluster ions that are then distributed throughout the living environment of the home or office while cleaning the internal HVAC equipment and ductwork.

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The basic unit, which covers approximately 1-3 tons or24K cubic feet of space, can be customized to the load level of the environment by adding the clip-on bracket and up to two additional cells. This unit can then be converted to a more powerful residential or commercial unit that can clean the air/surfaces of contaminants in up to 10 tons or 40K cubic feet.

  • Covers/Cleans Residential, Commercial and Industrial Environments with Proactive Technology
  • Helps Keep Duct Systems Free from Contaminants (increasing oxidizers may be needed for harsh environments)
  • Reduces “A” Coil Cleaning and Maintenance (25,000 hr. Lamp and Dielectric Barrier Ionization Cells)
  • Reduces Bio-nesting, eliminates/reduces mold, bacteria and the odors associated with them
  • Provides a Cleaner “A” Coil and, therefore, Provides More Energy Efficiency (in return plenum)
  • Provides Less Frequent Filter Changes
  • Attacks Pollutants in the Air and on Surfaces
  • Homes, Offices, Schools, Day-Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, Hotels, Large Commercial Environments


  • 12v Conversion for International Use using 13.3 Watts (ETF Approved w/UL approved power supply)
  • Recommendations based on average contamination levels. Where highly contaminated, increase size of unit.

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24K, 40K

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