Ions are positive or negative charged atoms. Nature produces ions daily (ocean waves, thunder storms, water falls) and ions are not harmful to humans, plants or animals. If an atom has an extra electron, it is negatively charged and called an anion. If an atom is missing an electron, it has a positive charge and is called a cation.

The technology produces Positive Hydrogen ions and Negative Oxygen ions simultaneously. Bi-Polar ions are more effective in neutralizing viruses and bacteria than single charged ions. The Bi-Polar Ions react with the surfaces of viruses and bacteria and neutralize the contaminants on contact.

Yes, the clustered Bi-Polar ions created by MCITM  technology neutralizes Sars-Cov-2 and other viruses.

You will notice a scent coming from the unit similar to a fresh Thunderstorm. The top of the unit will have a blue color.

The unit should run as long as needed or desired. The unit can run continuously if so desired. In smaller areas, such as an automobile, the unit can run until odors are gone or you smell the freshness of a thunderstorm. In open areas, such as a large room or office space, the unit can be on all day.

Yes, the unit can be adversely affected if dropped. Also, excessive moisture will damage electric components.

Yes, The MCITM  technology inside MD Air EnviroPure products will break down tobacco smoke as well as other odors.

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