With more of our food being grown indoors, it is essential to maintain a Sanitized Environment. With the power of Bipolar ions and the patented MCITM Ion Cluster Technology it is possible. Eliminate odors, prevent mold, and neutralize mildew spores.

example of installation

example of installation

example of installation

No matter the structure and with all of the different possible locations, everything will be custom fitted, designed & efficiently manufactured to give a MAXIMIZED distribution & delivery speed of Bipolar Ion Clusters into the interior environment. No one else offers this unique & patented technology & service!!!!

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Indoor Growing Facilities
Fruits – Vegetables – Cannabis and More
  • Prevents Bacteria, Fungi & spores from taking hold.
  • Increased yields.
  • Doubles plant size / composition
  • Excels Growth time frame.
  • Enriches Soil
  • Passes Microbial testing
  • Reduce odors
  • Increased freshness when being stored after harvest.
  • Does not increase humidity levels

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Animal Farms

Indoor Housing of animals is stressful on animals. Change this with the power of the MCITM technology. Give them Clean Air and Surfaces and a fresh-smelling environment.

  • Completely safe for Humans and Animals
  • Animals live longer (decreased mortality rate)
  • Appetites are increased.
  • Odors are Dramatically Reduced
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Our customized Blower Boxes and Air Flow Systems are built to ensure that ions are delivered in the most efficient way to every nook and cranny of the facilities. Answer a few questions to receive a customized proposal for your facility….

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