Patented MCITM technology
Enjoy cleaner air wherever people gather.

The MCITM technology inside MD Air EnviroPure products is a cutting-edge process for neutralizing harmful contaminants in real time. We offer a variety of products suitable for various locations such as homes, businesses, transportation, and even food preparation surfaces.

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MD Air EnviroPure focuses on nature-inspired solutions.

As soon as you power up your new device, it will begin to release clustered bipolar ions simulating the same energization as in Sunshine, Thunderstorms, Ocean Waves and Waterfalls.

Have you ever noticed how leaving shoes, sports equipment, and clothing outside eliminates bad smells?

A constant stream of ion clusters.

The MCITM technology creates both positive Hydrogen and negative Oxygen ions simultaneously. These newly formed ions are in a charged state ready to address contaminants in the air and on surfaces. Once the ions have cleaned the surrounding area they simply revert to harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor.

It is this process that duplicates nature's genius by creating the same safe ion oxidizers that we see in Thunderstorms, Waterfalls, and Ocean Waves.

Safe, healthy, and effective.

Bi-Polar Ions perform natural oxidation. The Bi-Polar ions extract a hydrogen atom, upon contact, from the surface of the virus or bacterium to form water vapor. When this oxidation process happens, the membrane of the contaminant is compromised rendering it inactive. This process happens every day in nature by means of Sunshine and Thunderstorms helping to keep the earth clean.

Think of our products as your own natural thunderstorm of freshness.